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Retail Display Carts & Tables

Every good plan needs a solid foundation from which to build. When it comes to visual merchandising in a retail store, display fixtures such as tables and carts provide a physical basis for these efforts. Retailers can use these items to attract customers and show off their wares, whether it’s with a sale, a featured item, or a lifestyle display.


There is a viable display table option for every type of retailer. These range from natural wood fixtures to metal tables, multi-tiered display pieces and mobile carts. The wide selection makes it easy for business owners and decision-makers to find the perfect fit for their store’s overall theme. Many tables are mobile and can easily be moved across the available floor space to highlight different areas of a store and guide customers through it.


As the name suggests, mobile carts are even more easily moved than display tables. Carts often take a more stylized appearance, but there are still plenty of options to match the needs of retailers. One specific benefit of carts is the ability to easily move and relocate these fixtures to the products on display. Retailers in an enclosed environment can use carts to easily display products outside their stores, and even those situated in a single storefront can roll out a merchandise cart when the weather is cooperative.