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Showcases & Cash Wraps

Showcases and cash wraps are among the largest pieces of furniture you’ll be purchasing for your retail store. This item is your customer’s point of contact, so you want to make a good impression with this item. However, it must also be practical because you need storage space inside, work area on top, and in the case of a showcase, plenty of presentation room for product.

When choosing a showcase or cash wrap, keep in mind the following important factors:

1. COLOR – These heavy counters come in a variety of colors and stains, so match them with the style of your store. A neutral color matches nearly any design and blends well with changing wall colors. A wood grain counter gives a warm, inviting feel to your shop and goes well with just about any environment. Whatever your preference, be sure you are happy with it because this item will be in your store for many years.

2. FUNCTION – Will you be using this piece of furniture as a display showcase or a checkout counter? If you will be selling jewelry or collectibles, then you need a showcase with plenty of glass to highlight your collection. A half or full vision showcase would be ideal. If a checkout stand is your primary need, the cash wraps contain shelves for extra supplies like bags, hangers, and register tape.

3. SIZE – Make sure your favorite counter choice is going to fit into the space you’ve designated in the shop. Most showcases and cash wraps range in width size from 48” to 72”.

If you have more questions regarding showcases, register stands, or cash wraps, feel free to chat with one of our representatives or call 800.762.8186