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A great way to demonstrate the quality of an item is through its careful placement in the store. Displaying an exquisite piece of merchandise in a showcase makes selling the item much easier.

The first thing to consider in selecting a showcase is the style of merchandise being sold. A merchant selling jewelry requires a more elegantly designed glass case, often called a half vision or full vision showcase, which can accommodate jewelry boxes and other displays intended to show rings and necklaces.

When there are many valuable objects to be shown, it helps to have a larger glass case that provides plenty of display room. For those who have a smaller number of intricately made items, considering a more vertically shaped solution like a display tower might be best, so that the choice items are at eye level with the customer and many pieces can be seen at once. Particular items benefit from a mirrored display that reflects the back of the object, so someone can see the entirety of the piece with one look.

Lighting is crucial for showing jewelry, because customers expect the items to sparkle. Remember this when installing your LED lighting.