Slatwall is one of the best tools for retailers, since it can display almost anything and in different ways. These pieces of hardware are easy to install, affordable and durable. Because there are different types of slatwall, it can be difficult to decide exactly what kind is right for you. With slatwall, there is no "better" option, but rather a more practical option for your store. When considering slatwall for retail displays, it is important to understand the benefits and differences between the types of them. Although both are affordable and practical options, anchor core slatwall boasts some key differences from medium density fiberboard (MDF). For one, anchor core is proven to be 50% stronger than MDF. Consider the products you wish to display- for lighter and less items, MDF is a great solution. For heavier items and larger quantities, anchor core is the answer. Additionally, anchor core is made of 100% recycled wood and features a natural look. MDF is made of fibers, resin and water and is naturally a medium brown. However, both tools are versatile and customizable, with easy installation and multiple functions.

Anchor Core Slatwall---------MDF Slatwall

Now, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How many items are you displaying?
2. How heavy are the items?
3. How many accessories do I need?
4. What color/design works for my store?