White Easy Slatwall Display Panels

Choosing Slatwall vs Gridwall

Slatwall and Gridwall panels are both extremely popular display foundations that retailers have been implementing in their stores for years. The versatility alone makes either type of panel well worth the investment. What is the best fit for your business, slatwall or gridwall? Here is some information to give you the basic knowledge of each type of panel comparing differences as well as common factors.


Slatwall is a type of building material with horizontal grooves that are machined to hold special hooks, shelves and numerous other accessories. Commonly constructed of composite woods such as MDF (medium density fiberboard) or Anchor Core, but can also be made of PVC or metal. Inserts can be added to the grooves for color or for extra strength. Choose from laminate color and wood finishes or textured 3D finishes depending on your design theme.Slatwall panels generally come in large 8' x 4' (W x H) or 8' x 2' (W x H) sizes designed to be installed directly into pre-existing perimeter walls. These panels can be cut for an exact fit to walls allowing you to take advantage of all available space. Floorstanding slatwall units can be purchased separately to coordinate with the wall panels.


Sturdy wire construction makes these lightweight gridwall panels easy to transport and affordable. The 3" on-center grid design will accommodate a wide selection of accessories. These panels are available with black, white or chrome finishes that will complement almost any decor. Gridwall panels come in sizes ranging from 2' x 4' (W x H) to 2' x 8' (W x H). Brackets will suspend panels on walls allowing them to be easily removed at any time. Legs, bases and connectors can be used with the panels to create floorstanding fixtures, ideal for brick and mortar stores, pop-up shops or trade shows! Pre-assembled floor and countertop grid fixtures are a great addition to spaces with gridwall panels in place.
One attribute that slatwall and gridwall have in common is the ability to add and re-configure hardware at any given moment to meet the needs of changing inventory. You can merchandise almost any type of products on slatwall and gridwall with the vast assortment of hardware and accessories.

Standard Panels

Accessories can be added or re-configured in the grooves at any time.

Chrome 3-Sided Grid Rack

3" on-center grid wall accommodate hooks and other hardware