Even trending before 2020, new consumer behaviors still suggest that shoppers want the option to shop online, and prefer having more pick-up methods than just the traditional in-store checkout.

Products to Implement An In-Store Pickup Program

  • The new normal in retail has created a surge of shoppers who still prefer some shopping in person, but would like to shave time off their trip through preordering their products first. In-store pickup and operational products make this option possible.
Motorola RM Four Channel UHF Two-Way Radio
Motorola RM Four Channel UHF Two-Way Radio

• Item #: 81552
• 2 Watts of power
• Durable polycarbonate housing
• Lightweight for convenience

Motorola RM Four Channel UHF Two-Way Radio
One Compartment Hinged Carryout Container

• Item #: 15687
• Large one compartment style
• Stacking rims on all size
• Black foam construction

Did you know: A recent study reported that online shopping in 2014 totaled around 1.32 billion shoppers. In 2020, this number climbed to 2.05 billion. That's about a 55% increase in online shoppers!1.

A Chance To Utilize Your POP Displays

  • While shoppers are in-store to pick up their order, spur more impulse buys before they go.
  • Showcase products effectively and decrease shoppers' need to pick up and put down product as often to prevent germ spread.
Dump Bins
Bring back engagement + attract attention from a distance
3-Tier Impulse Dump Bin With Sign Holders
3-Tier Impulse Dump Bin

• Item #: 46178
• Sturdy metal construction
• Can be used as a 1, 2 or 3 tier unit
• Includes channel sign holders

Fold-Up Wire Shelf Display Unit
Fold-Up Wire Shelf Display Unit

• Item #: 20548
• Shelves can be positioned flat or at an angle
• Five Shelves
• Maximum weight is 75 pounds

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