In this new normal, you have some shoppers who want the possibility to shop in your store without ever actually stepping foot in it.

Products To Make Curbside Pickup Possible

  • New consumer behaviors suggest that shoppers want more options and ways to shop the products in stores. From click and collect options to curbside pickup—in today's world, people are looking for the possibility to shop in store without ever actually stepping foot in it. Popularity continues rising in this shopping method for its overall convenience, quickness, and safety.
R-Line Carryout Bag
R-Line Carryout Bag

• Item #: 81750
• Made from HDPE for durability
• Large handles for easy transportation
• Fits in a rack for easy access

R-Line Black Plastic Large Transport Cart
R-Line Black Plastic Large Transport Cart

• Item #: 24559
• Textured shelves to prevent slipping
• Made of polypropylene
• Easy maneuverability

Consider this: At the end of 2019, only 19 of the Top 500 Retailers (think of companies like Walmart, Target, and Lowes) offered curbside pickup. As of August 2020, nearly 44% (a jump to 121 of these businesses) now offer this service.1.

Outdoor Signage For Direction

  • Return customers come from positive experiences. While this can't be offered to shoppers through an in-store experience, outdoor signage is the perfect way to create a smooth and quick trip for your customers.
Pick Up Here Sign
Pick Up Here Sign

• Item #: 34475
• Fits most 22 x 28 sign holders
• .015" thick plastic
• White with red imprint

Curbside Pickup Available Sign
Curbside Pickup Available Sign

• Item #: PAL.497-16
• LED lights are bright, safe
• Two display modes
• Equipped with hanging chain

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