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Custom Displays

Increasing Sales with Customized Displays

Your brand's logo is important. For many customers, the recognition of a specific logo and its associated design is instant, and a connection is made to your company. To create an association between your products and your logo, it is necessary to place this logo strategically throughout your store. Featuring your logo in your visual merchandising is an excellent way to improve your store's charm and individuality. One of the best places to do this is on your point of purchase displays. Point of purchase displays increase impulse purchases and allow retailers to feature products in visually appealing ways. With custom POP displays, your store will carry a unique look that no one else has. Additionally, your brand's recognition will increase as customers create a relationship with it.

To make it simple (and affordable) for you, our visual merchandisers have a step-by-step process of creating elegant displays.

These displays are completely customizable, and our team can help choose the perfect fit for your store! The most popular types of POP displays are freestanding fixtures, counter displays, pallet displays and sidekick displays. We can also brand and logo any other type of display you may need. Our full catalog of store supplies can be found at www.retailresource.com, or for a free quote, call 1-800-762-8186.
Chalk-Like Markers
Step 1
Step one typically starts with a thought or a sketch. From napkin to graph paper, we collaborate on a concept.
Color Tissue Paper Pack
Step 2
Step two takes your concept to our professional engineer and industrial design department.
Vinyl Floral Sheeting
Step 3
Step three, the point of purchase display is manufactured and shipped to one or all of your locations.