Jewelry Store Playlist

Elegant Jewelry Store Playlist

Jewelry stores are pristine, classy, classic and shiny. Even in a changing retail climate, jewelry stores are able to thrive on in-store experiences. Customers are drawn to the products, the atmosphere and the traditions of jewelry stores. When considering visual merchandising, much can be said about not just the displays, but also the music playing in the store.

Music can actually increase your sales. According to psychological research, customers are more likely to spend more time in a store if the tempo of the music is slower. This is convenient for jewelers, because slower music fits the theme of the store. However, customers are also proven to buy less if the music is somber or features sad lyrics. There is a happy middle ground, where slower-tempo songs with cheerful messages create the most sales.

The visual merchandising team at Retail Resource is not only dedicated to providing quality store supplies, but also to serving as an outlet for all retail tips and trends. Our playlist curator has created a timeless playlist for jewelry stores (and will update it periodically). Featured on the playlist are songs that fit the credentials of higher sales, while also fitting into the "classic" theme.

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