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Every store is looking for a way to stand out against their competition. Using materials that are visually stimulating can help do just that. When creating a long lasting impression on customers think about texture, color and dimension. Floral Sheeting has all three of these aspects in one.

Floral sheeting has a 3-D petal design and is sold in a variety of colors to match any theme or design. This decorative vinyl sheeting will not only grab peopleâ??s attention, but is also an economical way to enhance your displays without spending tons of money.



Most retail locations have a window or store front to promote their latest products. According to backdrops are a useful tool for creating dramatic displays and separating the window from the store. Use floral sheeting to do just that. Display it behind signage and mannequins to draw customers attention to different store promotions.

Table Covers

Floral sheeting can be a great replacement to a regular colored tablecloth. Lay floral sheeting over any display table and then add merchandise to create a one of a kind look. The bright colors will make merchandise pop while the texture will add drama.

Unique Displays

Floral sheeting doesnâ??t need to be limited to normal everyday presentations. This multi-functional product can be used on three-dimensional displays or even parade floats. The material is easy to cut, fold, glue and shape to complement any theme.

Floral sheeting is used to transform boring displays into eye-catching exhibits. So the next time there is an up-coming sale or new product release, keep in mind this easy and affordable solution. Just remember at the end of the day to have fun and let your imagination guide you.

Orange Vinyl Floral Sheeting

Create intriguing and interesting 3-D displays.

Green Vinyl Floral Sheeting

Green Vinyl Floral Backdrop