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Free Custom Playlists from Retail Resource

As retail trends change, so does visual merchandising. Retail stores are turning towards creating experiences for their customers in order to increase foot traffic. These experiences range from interactive displays, events and pop-up shops. In order to submerge your customers into the world of your brand, it is crucial to appeal to their senses, and music is important.

Our experts have researched the psychology and science behind music that increases sales, and we offer impactful playlists to use in your store. Our commitment to retail includes providing an outlet for store supplies, displays, tips, trends and creative solutions for retailers.

Free upon request, our music playlist curator will provide you a custom playlist to use in-store to boost sales and to appeal to your customers! Our playlists have received positive feedback from retailers and are continuously updated. Additionally, we offer premade Spotify playlists for various types of stores, events and moods.

For a free custom playlist, email your request to bobby.gelter@retailresource.com! For our full playlist selection, visit us on Spotify.

Our expert visual merchandising team can provide quality store supplies and services to better enhance your retail environment. For a full catalog, please visit www.retailresource.com or contact one of our visual merchandisers at
1-800-762-8186. For the latest tips and trends, follow our inspiration page.