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Gift-Wrapping Stations can Boost Retail Sales

It's that time of year again, and retail holiday sales are more important now than ever. Between Black Friday, holiday spending and gift shopping, shoppers will be busy and so will retailers. Increasing sales during the holidays may seem like a troubling task, but Retail Resource is your complete guide to all visual merchandising tips, trends and products

One of the most unexpected ways to boost those sales this holiday season is to offer a gift-wrapping station. Offering customers gift-wrap for presents provides convenience for customers, but also provides many benefits to the store itself:
  • Profit- Although the few dollars customers spend on gift-wrap may seem insignificant, it really can add up and increase holiday sales. Stores generally charge between $3-9, depending on the packaging.
  • Standing out- Customers looking to save time and money will seek out stores who will wrap their gifts for them, and it also adds a guaranteed interaction with the customers.
  • IPT- Retailers concerned with increasing their Items Per Transaction can implement the gift-wrap as an "add-on" item and give paid customers a ticket or other indicator of their gift-wrap purchase.

Among the other benefits of gift-wrapping stations is the fact that they are incredibly simple (and fairly cheap) to create. We've broken it down for you:

  • Table- Large enough for heavier items and for 2-3 employees to sit and work

The best place to set up is between the cash register and the door, but you can adjust based on store size/space. Have 2-3 employees (who have proven their gift-wrapping abilities) at the table and customers can form a line in the front of them. If working with one dispenser, dictate one person to pulling the selected designs while the others wrap. If offering gift-wrapping at the table, dictate a separate person to handle payments at the beginning of the line.

While interacting with the customers, be cheerful and engaging. This is a great time to ask about whom they are shopping for, to recommend additional products and to end the perfect customer experience. Be precise, make sure they are satisfied with the gift-wrap, and wish them a happy holiday. It can make the job go by quicker while also easing the most likely stressed out holiday shoppers.

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