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How to Increase Impulse Purchases and Add-on Items

Retailers know the importance of impulse purchases (get that IPT up!), and during the holidays it is even easier to get customers grabbing for those add-on items due to an increase in customer spending and the tradition of stocking stuffers. It's not too difficult to increase your sales through add-on items, but we've broken it down to the best ways to increase impulse purchases in your retail store:

1. Point of Purchase

The most effective way to sell add-on items is through the use of point of purchase displays. These self-standing fixtures can promote any item and can be completely customized. The idea is that these fixtures stand alone and display items that customers are drawn to, catching their eye and increasing impulse purchases.

2. Dump bins/baskets

One of the cheapest ways to bundle add-on items together is the use of the dump bin (who doesn't dig through DVD bins in search of cheap favorites?). These can range in size and can display a variety of products (toys, food, media, etc.). Using these bins and baskets as point of purchase displays is useful, because if they are isolated displays, they will attract customers.

3. Shopping baskets

Shopping carts and baskets are proven to increase sales by promoting add-on items and lengthening customers' trip to the store. With more room to store purchases, customers tend to spend more time lingering and tend to spend more money. Offering fashionable baskets or tote bags for customers to carry serves the same purpose, and you can customize these to your store.

4. Cash wrap

Almost like miniature point of purchase displays, cash wrap trays and bins can increase impulse purchases, as well. By offering cheap, smaller items at the end of the customers' shopping trip, stores can strongly benefit from the accumulation of these smaller sales. Anything from jewelry, toys, gift cards and candy can be displayed at the cash wrap and will ultimately increase your sales!

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