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Mark Brewer

Merchandise Manager


Rittman, OH

Favorite part about working for Retail Resource:

We are a group of passionate people always willing to lend a hand to each other and to our customers.

Last book you read:

Boy Erased (and The Nickel Boys was the last audiobook). I like stories based on real-life experiences.

Favorite movie:

Iâ??m a huge Wes Anderson fan and his â??The Grand Budapest Hotelâ?? was one of my favorites.

If you could have a superpower, what it would be:

Shape-shifting. Though sometimes at the office telepathy would really help out.

Favorite quote:

â??Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the starsâ?? â?? Casey Kasem (every week on American Top 40. â?º)

Favorite retail store:

HBarneys - and I am still grieving. When traveling, a trip to Selfridges in London is always on the itinerary.

Why our customers are important to you:

Our customers drive what we do - from sourcing, to product development, to custom fabrication. They keep me on my toes and always looking for the next perfect retail solution. And, I love to see them succeed!