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Pop-Up Shops

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Pop-Up Shop

Retail is ever changing (no, not dying), and one of the latest continuing trends is the pop-up shop. Pop-up shops are limited time shopping spaces for specific brands or products and customers often shop new items or items that are promoted or on sale. Even businesses with established retail stores are creating pop-up shop experiences, as the value of them goes beyond the product sales. Pop-up shops usually involve some kind of interactive experience for customers, and this is where brands really benefit. If a pop-up shop is memorable, customers will spread the word and retail journals will report it.

Although creating a pop-up shop may seem intimidating (where to start?), it's easier than it seems to connect customers to your brand. We have created a list of display fixtures frequently purchased by customers that currently own or are starting up a pop-up shop, and have also created a short list of quick tips to remember when creating a pop-up shop:

1. Sell a Variety of Products

Pop-up shops have the advantage of being fresh and exciting, so any product sold at one seems fresh and exciting. Even if your brand focuses on a specific item, you can sell brand merchandise, food, collectables, etc. at your pop-up shop. Showcase a variety of add-on items to increase sales and curiosity. This will also add dimension to your shop. Selling limited edition merchandise or offering good deals on otherwise pricier items is a great way to draw customers as well.

2. Guide Customers

Since pop-up shops are generally in smaller spaces with higher attendance, it is important to create an open space where customers feel free to move around. Additionally, creating a specific path for them (either through display placement or with indicated paths) will help avoid chaos and will allow you to strategically place products and displays. This ensures that customers can all experience the pop-up shop and that they are exposed to every product.

3. Create an Experience

Attractive displays and products are important in pop-up shops, but just almost as important as the customer experience. Besides shopping your products, customers want an incentive to visit the pop-up. Implementing interactive displays, games, music, food, scents and more are excellent ways to stand out and to increase foot traffic. Offer a specific hashtag related to the pop-up shop and encourage people to post about it. Anything interactive, fun and post-able is perfect.

4. Be Creative

Pop-up shops allow you to express your brand any way you want, and there is plenty of room for expression! The best way to get people talking (and hash tagging) is to appeal to the customers' 5 senses in creative and innovative ways. Draw inspiration from your brand's message or theme, or try to imagine how customers relate to the products and allow them to interact with them accordingly. The more unique the experience, the more people will talk about it.

5. Organize Products in Effective Way

Foot traffic is a double-edge sword- you want more customers in your store, but you don't want a chaotic shopping experience. Control the surroundings and the customer journey by placing items in a strategic way. Point of Purchase displays are perfect for showcasing advertised items that customers are looking for. Additionally, placing "like" items together will not only ease customers' shopping, while increasing your items per transaction with add-on items. The use of color coordination can be useful when creating the flow of your store, and obvious signage will improve the flow as well.

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