Purrfect Playlist
Similarly to humans, animals react to music in different ways depending on the music. Because of this, pet store owners must not only create a positive environment for their customers, but for their pets. This can seem tricky, but research shows that humans and animals can enjoy similar music. Animals can adapt and learn quicker when exposed to music, and respond more positively to lower-paced tempos. This is not too far off from humans, who are proven to buy more when exposed to slower-tempos. This creates a convenience for pet stores, who can maintain relaxed and healthy pets while promoting sales amongst their human customers. Please note: animals require more "quiet time" than humans, and pet store owners need to allow the pets to decompress from the constant noise.

With slower-tempo songs benefitting both humans and pets, retailers can be creative when creating their store playlists. Classical music, modern pop songs and even some rock 'n' roll will all fit appropriately into your rotation. Since animals cannot understand lyrics, more cheerful songs can be used to improve the mood of your customers. The visual merchandising team at Retail Resource is committed to providing quality products, tips, trends and services to all kinds of retailers.

Please enjoy our "Purrfect Playlist for Pet Stores" on Spotify. For even more playlists proven to increase sales, please visit our Spotify page, or request a free, customized playlist fit to your store. For the latest retail tips and trends, visit our Inspiration page or call 1-800-762-8186 for a free quote.