White Easy Slatwall Display Panels

Slatwall and slatwall accessories can increase buying potential.

One of the most convenient ways to display merchandise is the use of slatwall. Slatwall allow retailers to fully customize their merchandising and to create a visually pleasing atmosphere for customers. Because they are so customizable, there are many options of design, size and type of slatwall panel- Retail Resource is here to help. Here are the top 3 things to consider when using slatwall:

1. Type of Merchandise

What are you displaying? It is important to organize items based on relevance and customer convenience. Placing similar items together creates a relaxing shopping experience. Displaying add-on items with larger items will also improve your store's Items Per Transaction.

2. Colors

Certain colors are more pleasing to customers, and slatwall is a great tool to set the tone and atmosphere. Consider pleasant color schemes that invite customers to make purchases through the strategic placement of products and signage. Retail Resource also provides slatwall inserts, available in multiple colors. These covers are an excellent way to preserve the quality of your slatwall displays and can also be used to change the color. When it comes to accentuating, colored accent strips are available as well.

3. Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall is compatible with a number of tools and accessories, making it simple to display almost anything! The type of display depends on merchandise, space and organization. Slatwall hardware includes baskets, shelves, hooks, panels, clips, brackets and more. Retail Resource offers each of these tools and many more.
R-Line Easy Slatwall
R-Line Easy Slatwall
Designed specifically to ship using ground service, so you SAVE ON SHIPPING!
Type of Merchandise
Keep your merchandise neatly organized with these pegboard bins and baskets.
Make your products pop by transforming your ordinary wall into an appealing display. Slatwall panels are available in an array of colors and textures.
Slatwall Accessories
Shop our slatwall accessories to design a merchandising space that will fit your needs. We have all the slatwall and accessories you need for your store.