While retailers are excited for the new wave of in-store business, they've noticed one thing—their instore space need a refresh. Give shoppers a revitalized shopping experience with these products.

Post-pandemic solutions:

  • Use Wall Space to Increase Engagement
  • Incorporate Slatwall for Organization
  • Refresh Your Everyday Essentials

Retail Resource Action Plan:

Use Wall Space to Increase Engagement

Find creative ways to advertise, hang, and even streamline in-store operations through utilizing your walls to free up more floor space.

Wall Space
Consider this: A study from Chain Store Age found that about 50% of survey respondents would like to see a more open, less crowded business space even in a post-pandemic world.1.

1. CSA. Survey: Americans want stores, malls to follow stricter hygiene measures

Incorporate Slatwall for Organization

Along with creating more organization across store walls and on valuable floorspace, slatwall can also make products stand out to shoppers and in turn, increase sales.

Refresh Your Everyday Essentials

A quick overhaul on the everyday essentials might be the simple but much needed refresh to breathe fresh air into your business. As shoppers are returning to your stores after a long haul of purely online shopping, give them a brand new experience that keeps them coming back.

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Product Recommendations:
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