Crucial Security

Crucial Security and Loss Prevention Tips

According to, the top 10 security and loss prevention tips for retailers are:

1. Stay alert on the sales floor.
2. Include safety & security in your employee training.
3. Advertise your security measures.
4. Use technology to minimize loss.
5. Monitor inventory with your POS system.
6. Stop taking cash payments.
7. Add large mirrors to your store.
8. Revise your store layout.
9. Establish a loss prevention plan.
10. Install security cameras.

Retail Resource understands the importance of security in retail stores. We offer the necessary products and solutions to secure your loss prevention and to improve the quality and success of your store!

Security Tags and Alarms

Clothing security tags deter shoplifting and theft and do not harm clothing.
Security Tags and Alarms
This Mini Alarm System is easy to install and is an excellent way to prevent shoplifting. The RF Security Cables is simple to use and improves loss prevention while causing no damage to clothing.

Chimes and Surveillance

The Simulated Surveillance Camera is perfect for loss prevention and recovery. This affordable solution is adjustable and can be used indoors or outdoors. The Simulated Dome Camera is easy to install and is available at a low price.
The Portable Wireless Doorbell has a 50â?? range and is transportable for your convenience. The 360 Full Dome Security Mirror provides a clear view of blind spots, reducing shoplifting and loss prevention at the source.

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