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Micro Markets:
Increase Revenue and Reduce Labor Costs

We deliver all essential items for you to partner with your choice of vendor to stock your shelves. Consult with a micro market expert at Retail Resource to design the perfect set up for your environment.

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Micro markets are more popular than ever—especially since labor shortages are at historical highs and food sales are in a slump. But what exactly defines a micro market?

Definition: closely related to the vending industry, micro markets utilize automated self-checkout technology to operate in spaces that require unattended payment options. With micro markets, customers and staff can purchase products from open shelves, coolers, or freezers.

Micro Market Layouts

6 Benefits of Micro Markets

Less Labor Costs

Get More Done with Less Labor

Micro market kiosks are easy-to-use and can be completely unmanned—giving your employees time back to focus on other important tasks.


Reach Another Demographic—Your Staff

Employees are often looking for a quick snack during breaks or meals on-the-go during lunch instead of spending half their breaktime picking up food.

Wide assortment

Offer Wider Assortment of Goods to Customers and Staff

Stock your micro market with an assortment of beverages, snacks, medicine, sundries, batteries, grab and go meals, coffee, apparel and so much more.


Keep Shoppers and Staff on Location

With more access to meals to-go, you'll ensure more revenue is spent at your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase Shopper Satisfaction

Reduce wait times in lines and allow customers to serve themselves.

Limit Exposure

Keep Customers Safe and Limit Exposure to Germs

Micro markets reduce contact between individuals protecting them from exposure to COVID-19 and seasonal flus.

Build Your Own Micro Market

Build Your Own Micro Market with Our Interactive Tool

Select the size of micro market you'd like to build and configure the modules to your unique space.

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Top Products Bought in Micro Markets

While Retail Resource does not supply food for your micro market, we wanted to give you some thought-starters for what’s most popular with your customers.

Micro Market Top Products

*Vending Market Watch

What Industries Use Micro Markets the Most?



Food Retailers, Grocery Stores, Convenient Stores.



Colleges, Universities, and K-12 Schools.



Hospitals, Senior Care Facilities



Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Other Venues.

Micro Markets vs. Vending

Vending machines are quickly going out of style — and for good reason. If you've ever used one, you've likely been unimpressed with the limited choices or even had your money eaten as your bag of chips hangs behind the glass, never to be dropped below.

Your customers and employees have had these same experiences—which means investing in a micro market will be a welcome change.

Are micro markets worth the investment? Let's look at the numbers:

Average Monthly Profits

Micro Markets: $20 per customer

Vending: $7 per customer


Time Till Break Even on Investment

Micro Markets: 7.5 months

Vending: 17 months


Connect with a Micro Market Expert

Running a business means making a lot of decisions about how to keep your employees and shoppers happy. It also means deciding which investments are worthwhile, which can be difficult when you have so many options.

With our dedicated micro market experts, Retail Resource can share information on this fast-growing trend and offer advice to save time and money while building your own micro market. This popular one-stop-shop concept is here to stay—so we're here to offer our insight to make this a profitable and streamlined investment.

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