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How Pet Stores Can Thrive in a Changing Retail Climate

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Despite changes in retail increasing every year, store owners should not fear being overruled by online retailers. It is true that online shopping has created a few roadblocks for physical retailers, but that does not mean that your store cannot thrive. In fact, stores can create an advantage for themselves by implementing a new shopping experience for customers and offering products that customers want to see in-store.

Pet stores have been affected by online retailing, but they have an upper hand- most people want to see potential pets in person. Additionally, many shelters or pet stores do not offer online sales, or at the very least require a meet-and-greet with the animal. In doing this, pet stores keep foot traffic where others cannot. Pet stores can also thrive in the changing climate by taking advantage of these aspects:

Emotional Appeal
People love their pets. Like, really LOVE their pets. And besides loving their own pets, people love browsing and playing with pets. Dogs and cats are very popular, and customers will always want to play with them in person. Offering pets in-store is guaranteed to maintain foot traffic.

Sales/Low Prices
Although online retailers sell food, supplies and accessories, stores do too. Take advantage of the fact that when people shop in-store, they do not pay for shipping. Cheaper items such as cat food and litter are quick pick-up items and from personal experience, most animal owners need their food that day. By offering in-demand products cheaply and in-store, pet stores will always be a stopping point for shoppers.

Some pet stores are implementing dog parks or dog spas in their stores. Since owning a pet isn't a one-time purchase, owners need to invest in services as well. If a customer buys a pet at your store, they will return if they can also buy food, supplies, get them groomed and even leave them while they go out of town. Creating a retail experience is the best way to increase your customer foot traffic, and pet stores can do this in various ways.

The visual merchandisers at Retail Resource are dedicated to the success of retail stores. We offer quality products and displays for not only pet stores, but also for all retail stores. Please visit our website or call 1-800-762-8186 to get inspired today!

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