Retail Fixtures That Meet Multiple Merchandising Needs

When designing or updating your store layout, it can be difficult to find the perfect display fixtures that fit both your style and space. Whether you have a large retail store, or a smaller shop, maximizing your space will increase customer traffic and ultimately increase your sales.

Here are a few features to keep in mind when choosing your next retail display fixture.

Versatile merchandising options in a limited space

Finding a retail display unit that is versatile is the perfect way to get more bang for your buck. It is desirable to have fixtures with multiple merchandising options that allow you to easily transition from highlighting seasonal products to the newest trends. Your merchandising needs might change from day to day or even hour to hour. Having fixtures like this portable display unit, will give you the option to merchandise on both sides or use as an end cap or wall unit when your space is more limited.

Portable displays that make a difference

Transporting display fixtures can be a challenge, especially at trade shows, craft fairs and pop up stores where you have smaller footprints. Having a lightweight unit that is easy to break down and carry to multiple locations saves time and money. If you are not looking to move locations, look for displays with casters, this will make a huge difference when doing a store refresh or changing out point-of-purchase displays. In addition, there are many countertop display fixtures that make a huge difference when displaying and elevating your goods. Options like this folding basket display gives you merchandising space and signage in one portable unit.

Ready-to-Assemble fixtures that save time

There is an increasing demand for ready-to-assemble units that are lightweight but sturdy, because they allow for pop-up merchandising in any area. Business owners and staff donâ??t want to waste valuable time putting together bulky displays. Plus, you never have the right tools when you need them! Finding a ready-to-assemble unit will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Maximizing your display space is always a challenge when you have a limited footprint. Versatile display units that are designed to be lightweight and portable can make a major impact on workload and your sales. Contact our merchandising specialist for custom solutions and sourcing.

Front View
Four Shelves Included
Back View
Works with most standard slatwall hooks and brackets