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Halloween Sales
The National Retail Federation reported on retail trends during Halloween in 2018, and since holiday retail sales are expected to increase by 5% this year, we can assume these statistics will hold true. Billions of dollars are spent a year on candy, costumes, decorations and parties. Over 40% of consumers will shop at discount stores, with over 30% shopping at Halloween stores. This gives discount stores an advantage, and if done effectively, Halloween merchandising will be very beneficial.

Start with Promotions
Many consumers shop early for Halloween, and establishing your presence in the Halloween market is important. Decide what special promotions you'll offer before, during and after Halloween, and get the word out. To really drive customers in, create an incentive: A social media campaign, discounted products or a buy-one-get-one sale. Advertising these promotions is important and will let consumers know how you can help them for Halloween.

Create an in-store Experience
Whether you host a haunted house, a costume contest or a trick-or-treat night, creating experiences is the best way to bring customers in. Events will ensure guests to come to your store and will stay a while. You can also create experiences by creating interactive displays, where customers can experience the products in a new and exciting way. Once customers are in the store for these other exciting elements, the sales will naturally come afterward.

Stock, Stock, Stock
Discount stores can sell almost anything, which means they can be a one-stop-shop during Halloween. Costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards are the top four sellers for the holiday, and offering a variety of each is convenient and will ensure customers to shop (especially last minute shoppers when other stores sell out or it's too late to purchase online). It's also a good idea to order more merchandise than you think you need- one of the best sales of the year is the "after Halloween sale," and discount stores will surely be flooded with shoppers.

Point of Purchase
Point of Purchase displays are one of the best ways to catch a customers' eye. These displays can be as big or small as you want, can promote a variety of products, and can be placed strategically within the store. Since Halloween is festive, using props and decorations can be elaborate and fun. Customers who see a display full of Halloween candy and accessories will not only get excited for the holiday, but will also most likely stop, look, pick up and purchase the items. Point of Purchase displays increase items per transaction in a phenomenal way, and the holidays are a perfect time to use them.

Spooky After-Sales
Like I said, the after Halloween sales are very successful. Even before October 31, you can promote the exciting discounts on candy and leftover merchandise. These discounts will definitely pack a punch and can actually really increase your sales. Not to mention, you can start promoting Christmas items during the Halloween sale, since this is when most people start getting ready for it.

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