No Zap™ Fly Trap 1000 sq ft

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  • Comes with 1 light bulb
  • Fly trap is constructed with heavy duty plastic
  • Safely aids sanitation in food prep areas

The fly trap will aid sanitation for food prep and processing areas safely and silently by getting ride of flies without the zapping sounds, burning smells, or electrocuting grids. Flying insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light, which is doubled by a built-in reflector. This fly trap also has a non-toxic sticky pad that is laced with pheromones to lure the bugs to the trap, capturing up to a thousand insects. Come with enough sticky pads for a year, 12 per unit.

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Stock No. 19137
Brand Cool Curtain
Length 17 in
Width 6 in
Height 6 in
Material Plastic
Color Tan
Size 1000 Sq Ft